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Relationship Advice For Men: Stop Beating Your Wife!

relationship advice for menDeep inside every man is the desire to love, care for and protect his woman. But between this healthy desire and reality of many marriages, there is often a giant canyon of frustration. That is why the best relationship advice for men is to stop beating your wife! Not literally, unless you are one of the miserable men who actually physically abuse your wife.

Relationship advice for men

What does it mean to beat your wife, if not literally? It means that you hurt her in other ways, mostly because you just don't know any better. Most of us did not grow up observing a very good example of how a husband should cherish and honor his wife. We see the results all around us: relationship problems, abusive relationships, etc. Our fathers probably didn't offer much relationship advice for men either!

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Many men have little understanding of what a woman wants and needs, and so they bumble along, making occasional attempts at romance and kindness. Usually this leads to relationship problems. The sad thing is that marriage can be so much more fulfilling and happy, if only we knew what to do!

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Here are some ways men mistreat their wives

  • Are unable to open up and communicate from the heart. This leaves their wives guessing at what the man is really thinking and feeling. She needs this connection, and she will find it someplace else if you cannot meet this need. It is good marriage advice is to open up!

  • Take them for granted. Ask any single dad or widower about this one. All the things that she does and is can be unappreciated. A sincere compliment and thank you goes a long way, especially if they are frequent and genuine.

  • Do not give them space to grow and develop. People change over time. Some men are so insecure that they will not allow their woman to pursue her passions or interests. Keeping her isolated will destroy the spark inside and cause resentment.

  • Expect them to do everything in the house. In the past, when families were large and people lived on the farm, it made perfect sense for the woman to keep house while the man toiled in the fields. But these days most wives work outside the home and it is only fair to work together doing housework, laundry, meals, etc. It can be highly demeaning to demand that she do everything simply because she is female.

  • Mismanage the finances. Men often feel privileged when it comes to buying big toys, like guns, boats, trucks, tools and so on. This can sometimes lead to overspending and bring a lot of stress into the relationship. Men usually want to lead the family, so lead responsibly. Most women will gladly follow, if only you learn to lead in a good way!

  • Neglect romance. This is more than token flowers or a nice card. Take some time to learn the art of romance. You will be very, very glad you did. She will naturally respond to your interest and affection, much to your delight. This does not need to be expensive or fancy, be creative and make her feel special. There is a lot of good romance advice available.

  • Somebody once said that A man looks to satisfy his one need with every woman, and a woman looks to satisfy her every need with one man. Learn to be that man and satisfy her needs. The book below is a very good source of relationship advice for men. It really works.

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Learning the art of loving your wife will give you the deep satisfaction and security you long for. Everyone knows that marriage should be fulfilling and happy, but so few men actually take an active interest in learning how. Take the time and make the effort in learning about relationship advice for men, you will be very glad you did!